Arboretum Music + Arts Festival

“Ever wish summer could last forever? Just one more camping trip. One last backyard BBQ. We do too. Over the hazy summer horizon sits ARBORETUM Music + Arts Festival, Ottawa’s newest boutique music and arts festival, highlighting the sights, sounds and tastes of the Ottawa region.”

Babylon was the sight of the reveal fundraiser for Arboretum Music + Arts Festival. The organizers launched their fundraising efforts with the intent to raise $15,000, to help cover costs for the festival on September 15, 2012. Various enticing funding incentives are available through website, including: private meals or “pop-up dinners” by Steve Mitton, owner of Murray Street and Charlotte Langley; Kichesippi Brewery Keg Parties for 100 people; a private karaoke party with China Doll at Shanghai Restaurant; a private kids party at the Ottawa Jail hostel; and much more.

With an amazing stage designed by Carleton University’s Architecture students, epic tunes resonated throughout the club. Grill cheese sandwiches courtesy of Art-Is-In Bakery, and delicious beer from Ottawa’s own microbrewery, Kichesippi Beer Co., were the perfect titillaters for the nights musical performance announcements.
The full line-up:, and a shout-out to the many regional food and drink vendors were in effect.

For the complete list of musical performers, food vendors, partnerships, funding incentives, and to donate to ARBORETUM 2012, please go to:

More photos after the jump.

Writing & Photography: Felicia Constantin

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