Returning to our National Capital, Yelawolf did his thing earlier this month once again. Banging out “Daddy’s Lambo” right off the bat, the Alabama native rocked his spit-fire style lyricism at the sold out nightclub who echoed every word. Ritual was at capacity, packed tight full of drenched hillbillies on a hot May night, and Yelawolf’s grungy stage presence captivated everyones attention. With an hour and a half set the Eminem co-signed, Shady Records artist left almost nothing out of his impressive catalogue.

In our exclusive interview, Catfish Billy shed some light on his early musical influences, lends some advice to upcoming artists and discusses the realities of surviving in the music industry.

Check out our photo gallery after the jump.


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2 responses to “Yelawolf

  1. Solid interview and article guys, glad to see content being posted more often!

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