Juno Set Check

Bywardofmouth.ca was lucky enough to have an exclusive look at the unveiling of the CTV Juno set a few days before the awards show aired.

Needless to say the set was very impressive – an exciting mix of giant screens and projection equipment which created a virtual environment which gave the inpression of a whole new set for each performance.

While we were privileged enough to get this exclusive sneek peak at the set, we also caught the sound checks for JRDN, AnJulie, Alyssa Reid and Mia Martina’s mash-up preformance.

After watching the young artists run through their routines a few times while camera men, lighting, audio and floor directors maped out and perfected their roles for the act, we had some time to chat with some of the artists and even a couple of the minds behind the sets creation and construction.

More interviews and fotos after the jump.



Juno Tech Crew

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    Byward of Mouth did an awesome job covering the Junos. Get into it!

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