Carleton University’s architecture students held their 39th annual program celebration on Dec. 1st. The much anticipated event was renamed ‘Milieux’ this year-a plural term for social/cultural environments-and the evening was just that. Featuring ceiling-hung structures, artistically constructed instalments and a line up of unparalleled live entertainment, it facilitated a mass appreciation of the student’s work by friends, family and those of all walks of life.

The venue was awe-inspiring with some of the most inventive displays to come from some of the best and brightest prominent minds of the architecture world. The portrayal of architectonics as an art form saw everyday mediums, like card board boxes, rendered in to breathtaking displays.

The dance floor was facilitated by many musical contributions including local talent The Glass Chains, Ottawa deejays Gregular & Sir-Ett and a guest appearance from american electronica kingpin, The Juan McLean. In keeping with the locals’ gift for body-move-inducing beats, McLean’s pit stop in Ottawa [in the midst of a tour of the Americas] was greatly receipted and proved to be well worth his consideration.

Cars exploded & froze in time, mimes silently intrigued all and attendees stumbled their ways from Ottawa’s best and largest student organized event in the early hours of Dec. 2nd. All proceeds of the evening will be donated to Architecture for Humanity-a not-for-profit organization who provide architectural aid to the global community.

If you missed the action, peep the jump for full coverage.

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