Bluesfest Day 8

Day 8 started out on a soulful note that stood as a testament to the quality that was about to unfold. The silky voice of R&B star Miguel had Ottawa girls going crazy as he crooned his love to the Bluesfest audience in the gorgeous sunshine. The delicate falsetto of his smash hit “All I Want Is You” paired perfectly with a cold sip of Mill St. Stock Ale and bywardofmouth had to take a moment and reflect – we’re in love with the festival life.

Canadian Indie rock quartet Metric are veterans of the Bluesfest stage and after an amazing performance in 2010, there was considerable pressure live up to expectations. Led by the lovely Emily Haines, the group destroyed any doubts as they masterfully tore the stage to pieces. The crowd was with her the whole time, singing along word for word, song after song. This is one live experience that stood out as a highlight of the entire 2011 festival.

Another Canadian highlight was Imaginary Cities. Described as “indie-rock meets Motown”, the Manitoba band was a hidden gem of in the extensive Bluesfest lineup. Rusty Matyas and Marti Sarbit have true stage presence, jamming to their hit “Ride This Out” with so much passion. Keep your eyes on this group! They’re destined to do great things.

On day 8 there were two ways to end your night. Over at the MNBA stage you had My Morning Jacket, an incredible genre-blending Louisville, Kentucky band known for headlining countless major music festivals. The alternative to the psychedelic vocals of Jim James could be found over at the Subway stage.

Buddy Guy is a certified blues genius, beginning his legendary career 40 years ago in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Rolling Stone magazine ranked him 30th on their list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”, he’s earned 6 Grammy awards and he’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Needless to say his set was mind-blowing. Buddy Guy controlled the stage with more energy than someone a quarter his age, sending incredible Chicago Blues riffs wailing out into the night and successfully crowning the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest with a musical masterpiece.

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writer: Jesse

photographer: Blair


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