Bluesfest Day 3

Sweat dripping and hair flailing, Girl Talk rocked the crowd with mash-ups of all genres. Despite his cheap joggers barely staying on, Gregg Gillis kept the stage full of dancing festival enthusiasts. I finished my lime slush puppy with some imported assistance and we rejoiced in the Bluesfest buzz as the last heavy bass note carried across the river.

Eventually it was time to make the transition from amped up double-time 808s to the laid back reggae stylee of Stephen Marley. As the sun set I tipped my hat to Mill St. Organics and made my way deep into the audience. Sweetgrass smoke signals rose up from the pow-wow and we swayed with the people, grooving to Marley classics. “Corruption of the thoughts is destruction of the soul,” –Mind control- a personal favourite of the evening. The jam continued and bongo solos swirled day into night.

Night 3 came to a close courtesy of The Steve Miller Band.  The tempo had slowed and “The Joker” wrapped up a perfect Bluesfest evening. Just one last stop before home – The Open Air Social Club. Summer in Ottawa can do no wrong.

Check out more day 3 coverage below

writer: Jakob

photographer: Blair


Filed under byward of mouth, byward photography

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