Nomadic Massive: Part 1

The long overdue byward of mouth interview with the nine member musical powerhouse known as Nomadic Massive is finally here!   Well Part One is, Part Two is on the way.

We would like to apologize for the long awaitedness of it, we had some audio issues on this edit.

Long Story Short: Nomadic Massive was in Ottawa doing a show at Ritual night club (back on Sept.23.10) after Bilal had canceled his Canada shows due to an illness.  We here at byward of mouth were fresh off our first ever interview with Royce da 5’9 the previous night, and got the last minute word that it was Nomadic Massive who had picked up the free slot before they started their touring.  So, admittedly we were caught unprepared to properly mic a nine person interview.

On the bright side we still came out with a good interview and some great on stage footage, and hey Nomadic Massive is back in town NOV.20.10, this Saturday!  At Ritual,  so get out there and check them out if you haven’t, if you have then no doubt you’ll be back.  You know byward of mouth will be there.

Enjoy Part One!

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