Union: Local 613

When construction began at 315 Somerset it was apparent change was on its way, but no one anticipated what Union: Local 613 would mean for the Capital’s fine dining scene.

As progressive as it is unconventional, Union introduces Ottawa to many new concepts: a decomposed menu, communal seating and the importance of giving back to one’s community.

While it was the North American rooted history of southern food [originating from south of the Mason-Dixon line] that Head Chef, Chris Lord first became intrigued, it is for his take on some of the staples that has the city buzzing. For example, one choice favourite invigorated the typical fried chicken into a sous-vide buttermilk fried ‘yardbird’ served with a house-made pepper vinegar. If that wasn’t enough to have mouths watering, the decomposition of the menu allowed diners to choose their own sides like roasted red pepper, tasso and green onion perogies with broiled cheddar and roasted garlic grits, to name a few.

The innovation doesn’t just rest on the mismatched dinner plates – it also finds itself nestled in the restaurants communal seating plan. Featuring a number of harvest tables, there’s no guarantee you’ll know your dining neighbour – a trendy, fine-dining norm already established in culinary hubs like that of New York City.

While Union promises a new and unfamiliar experience for our National Capital, it also recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. From using local produce and suppliers, to selling printed tees featuring a local artist’s design to raise money for the food bank. The first print was designed by local talent Julian Garner of Five Cents tattoo shop. Garner is also responsible for the venue’s full wall mural – a psychedelic masterpiece that Garner claims represent the constant struggle.

With a deserving confidence in their own product, Union business cards even offer ‘our favourites,’ a tribute to the other tasty establishments & a testament to the collective’s belief that the more restaurants, the better the food, the better for everyone.

With all three Owners, Ivan Gedz, Matt Fantin and Christopher Lord breaking in to their new venture with roots in The Wellington Gastropub [among many other top-rated restaurants] one can rest assured that both front and back of house performance will be of the highest standards.

For a casual approach to fine-dining head to Union: Local 613 @ 315 Somerset St. For full photo coverage of the venue’s soft opening on Sunday, July 15th peep the jump.

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