Ottawa Folkfest 2011 Media Tour

Although our beautiful summer in the National Capital is coming to a close, there is still at least one more way to spend your time outdoors absorbing everything you need to make it through a long winter hibernation. Today marks the opening of Folkfest, a four-day celebration of music, dance, visual arts and community.

Byward of Mouth was the only indie media coverage on site. Surrounded by established professionals like CBC and CTV, all armed with gorgeous cameras gracing their necks, the byward team reached into their pockets and fished out some beat up iphones to document the proceedings.

The mid-morning stroll led over the grassy knolls of Hog’s Back Park as the festival was being set up around us. Hog’s Back is a departure from Britannia Park, it’s home for the last 15 years, and looks like it will be an even more fitting host for the incredible musicianship that’s about to go down.

Check out a live excerpt from a discussion with Folkfest festival supervisor Mark Monahan during the official media tour.

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