DâM-FunK & The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts headlined a show at Ritual nightclub last week and as always it was a packed house full of Ottawa hip-hop heads. The Queens duo brought their signature party-rap to the North and tore down the house. At the end of their set they thanked the crowd sincerely and disappeared. However, there was more to come on this particular evening. No offence to Psycho Les or JuJu… but when the Beatnuts cleared the stage the party really started for #bywardofmouth.

Dâm-Funk came on around 1:30 as most of the packed house left the dance floor and dispersed out into the night. Only a small scattered group of people remained, and this select bunch of the National Capital were blessed with a truly special performance. Everyone who hung around was thoroughly rewarded.

The king of modern funk, Dãm (pronounced: ‘Dame’ as in Damon) mezmorized the Kapacity auidence with incredible Bay Area musicianship. His performance was absolute west-coast genius and his live vocals were even better then they are on wax. Eventually he climbed into the small audience, shredding an unbelievable electronic solo on his vintage shoulder synthesizer, continuing to preform late into the night. The organic outer-space G-funk brought Pasadena California to Ottawa Canada for an intimate, one of a kind experience.

We look forward to catching up with Dam-Funk next time he’s in Canada for an in-depth interview. Continue reading for the rest of our photography.

Writer: Jesse

Photographers: Zachary Pantalone & Blair Smith

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